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June 2014

We are headed back to Europe Summer 2014!

Our family is headed to Iceland, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Now our kids are 7 and 9. We can hardly wait!


Here we go again. Back to Europe for another adventure! It's been three years since our seven week adventure through Germany, France, and Belgium. Our itinerary for summer 2014 hits a few favorites but will mostly focus on new destinations. Our daughters are now seven and nine. We are excited to travel with kids who can read, have longer attention spans, and are easier to reason with (usually).

This trip excites us for many reasons. We are visiting family and friends for nearly half the trip, we are focused on fun and local culture (not as many museums), and family time together without our hectic schedules.

I have spent loads of time planning the trip using online forums, guide books, and family conversations. We are budget travelers who average less than 100 Euro per night for accommodations, eat simple meals, and enjoy local sights such as pools, parks, and beer gardens! Our accommodations are booked and the basic itinerary is set. Now we're counting the days until liftoff!

Here is the itinerary:

Seattle - depart on Icelandair.

Reykjavik, Iceland - (will I ever be able to spell this city without looking it up?) - one night stopover. We intend to visit a local geothermal pool with waterslides, ride a boat around the harbor, and check out the city.

Dornheim, Germany (near Frankfurt) - stay with family for three nights. Visit sights along the Rhine and acclimate to Europe time. I plan to run in a local race, ride bikes, visit family, and rejoice that we are back in Europe!

Munich, Germany - We will take the ICE train to Munich where we will stay three nights. At the end of our stay, we will collect our new BMW that we will lease for three years through the European Delivery Program. We did this three years ago and LOVED the experience, and the car.

Reisbach, Germany
- We are staying at a small inn for two nights with the goal to visit Bayern Amusement Park. I might be more excited than the kids to visit a mid-sized local amusement park!

Prague, Czech Republic - We are staying five nights right below the Charles Bridge in an apartment. DH and I have spent time in Prague and are eager to explore the city more than a decade later. We will probably take a side trip or two and enjoy some sights off the tourist track.

Warsaw, Poland - We will spend 4 nights in Warsaw staying with dear friends. We have never been to Warsaw. I look forward to seeing how this city is rebuilding and changing.

Gdansk, Poland - Our friends will travel with us to Gdansk where we will stay in an apartment for three nights. It will be interesting to explore the Baltic Sea.

Berlin, Germany
- We have never been to Berlin and look forward to seeing another city that continues to reinvent itself alongside its rich history.

Adelsdorf, Germany - This town is not far from Bamberg, Germany. The Bamberg area has more breweries per capita than any place on the planet! There are also luge opportunities, amusement parks, and the historic city of Bamberg nearby. Did I mention we are staying at a small brewery hotel?

Bruges, Belgium - Seven nights. We are returning to the same farm we stayed at three years ago. Our kids are especially excited for this part of the trip. Our friends from Poland will join us for the week.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
- We will stay three nights in an apartment just outside the city center. I have been to Amsterdam but the rest of the family has not. Hopefully we will ride bikes like the locals! We will fly home from Amsterdam.

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