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July 2022

Sibiu and the Transfagarasan Highway, Romania

From a colorful city center to old world Romania


Before I start recounting our last few days, I have to describe where I am as I write this. We are staying at a little pension in a tiny village along the southern part of the Transfagarasan Highway. A carriage pulled by a horse and a foal just drove by. There are chickens and roosters by the bus stop. Free range dogs cross the street. The tiny mini market across the street is the social hub of the town. Locals are visiting outside while tourists like me and others pass through. Tractors pass by with multiple passengers and equipment. I am 100% fascinated sitting outside on my little patio table watching the action. And here I thought this would be the most boring night of the trip!

Day 19 - Corvins' Castle & Sibiu, Romania

We left Timisoara as late as possible taking advantage of the 11am check out time. We all wished we had one more night in this very real Romanian city. We have several one night stays during our time in Romania. I never enjoy just one night but it seemed the best way to experience as much as Romania as possible given we have to come home eventually. Romania is pretty far out of the way and realistically, we might not make it here again.

Our first stop today was Corvins' Castle located in a small town between Timisoara and Sibiu. The castle had a long bridge over the old moat to its grand entrance. The exterior was what many people would call the perfect castle. We enjoyed the many staircases, rooms, and passages to other parts of the castle. We were allowed to explore most parts of the castle. There were so many stairs up and down to the various levels. What a great stop!

We traveled another hour or so to the cute town of Sibiu. This town is known for its many building with "eyes". The eye windows provided ventilation back in the day. I had fun taking pictures of the many "eyes" around town.

This time, our apartment was two bedrooms with a giant kitchen and living room. Here is what just over $60 gets you in Sibiu. Good air conditioning too!

We wandered the town, took loads of pictures, had some gelato, and climbed a couple of old watch towers along a portion of a remaining city wall.

Dinner was at a cute place right outside of our apartment. We enjoyed drinks, a couple pasta dishes and a curry dish. Very yummy!

I went for another walk around the town as the sun set and admired the architecture and the busy crowds who always seem to come out to wander during the cool nights.

Day 20 - Sibiu, Balea Lake, and the Transfagarasan Highway

We had a fancy breakfast in the main part of Sibiu. Yummy poached eggs on toast with various toppings. We are really enjoying how affordable the restaurants are in eastern Europe.

I climbed the Council Tower and had our last looks at this cute town.

We hit the road and made it to the famous Transfagarasan Highway. This road is known for being one of the top driving roads in the world and was a big bucket list destination for DH. The curves were incredible as we made our way to Balea Lake at the top.

Balea Lake was beautiful in a very unique way. We spent about an hour hiking around and taking pictures.

Local cheese and meats being sold all along the highway.

The fog cleared on the other side of the mountain and we were still pleased with the 70 degree temperatures. Felt so good to be relatively cool! The drive became more rough and bumpy and we traveled down the mountain. The landscape looked an awful lot like Oregon! We stopped again at an impressive dam.

The kids still manage to sleep even in the most curvy and rough road conditions.

Our last stop was our pension near the end of the highway. This was a nicely appointed family room for just over $60.

We drove a couple of minutes to a nice restaurant where we shared a Bulgarian salad, some spicy pork, bean and smoked ham soup, and fried cheese. Serious stick-to-your-ribs kind of food!

My favorite part of the day was sitting at the table outside of the pension and watching the action on the Transfagarasan Highway in our small village. I was completely entertained watching horse-drawn trailers hauling hay, tractors, cows crossing the highway lead by locals with sticks, and folks chatting across the highway at the convenience store. Romania is such a mix of old and new. I watched a teenage girl helping move her cows home. She had a stick to guide them in one hand and was staring at her smart phone in the other hand. Amazing!

Day 21 - Curtea de Argos, Bran Castle, and Brasov

A few observations about Romania. The difference between the cute, touristy city centers and the rural villages is vast. In the countryside there are tons of old disused factories (such as old nuclear plants), old abandoned cars, exposed water pipes and electrical wiring, wandering dogs and livestock, and people farming without modern equipment. This is in stark contrast to the trendy city center restaurants, boutique stores, bakeries, and bars. Folks in the country don't seem to have much. Road conditions are poor and people are working hard. The outskirts of the cities are a bit rough too. Buildings are often concrete apartment blocks from communist times and everything seems to need a coat of paint. I haven't been bored for a minute as I try to wrap my mind around all that I am seeing.

We checked out of our pension and drove about 25 minutes to the town of Curtea de Argos. We found a fancy-ish place for breakfast where we had six drinks (DH and I had two coffees each) and 4 omelettes. It was around $20. We were fueled for the day.

We stopped at the beautiful monastery in the town. The Romanian people seem deeply religious. Many were lighting candles, praying, and kissing the famous relic in the church.

The drive ahead was long, curvy, and rough. We bumped along and saw more horse-drawn farm equipment and sheep and cows in the road. The scenery was gorgeous! We traveled up and down significant mountains and everything was so green and dramatic. A beautiful drive!

We stopped at the very touristy Bran Castle made famous by the Dracula legend. The castle was stunning set up on a rocky hilltop but mobbed with tourists. It was most claustrophobic and touristy thing we have done so far. A bit overrated, in my opinion. I'm sure it would have been a different experience outside of the busy summer months.

After a grocery store stop, we found our home in Brasov for the next three nights. This two bedroom apartment costs just over $50 per night.

We found a Transylvanian place for dinner, wandered the old town, and looked forward to three nights in Brasov, Romania.

More from Brasov next time!

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Pecs, Hungary & Timisoara, Romania

Beautiful architecture, delicious and affordable food, and pretty pedestrian streets.


Day 17 - Travel to Pecs, Hungary

We started off our last day in Ljubljana with a delicious breakfast at Le Petit Cafe. So fancy! It was worth the short wait for a proper Sunday brunch.

None of us wanted to leave Ljubljana. It is such a pleasant city for biking, wandering, and people watching. I know we will return someday if not for the bike share program alone!

The drive to Pecs, Hungary was over four hours. We started off on major highways and I even drove for over an hour. The tunnels in Slovenia were remarkable.

We made one stop at a nifty observation tower that has views over four different countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, and Hungary. It was nice to stretch our legs and climb a few stairs.

Finally we made it to Hungary!

After we left the highway headed for Budapest, the roads changed dramatically. We were on narrow two lane roads for the last two hours of the drive. The roads were curvy and a little rough. It wasn't quite the drive we were expecting!

The outskirts of Pecs had lots of high-rise communist style apartment buildings and looked a little run-down. I was a little nervous as we approached our parking spot near the downtown apartment. The very kind Hungarian woman showed us to our parking space and walked us to our adorable apartment right on the main pedestrian street in Pecs. This is what $65 a night gets you in Pecs. Wow! Even a nice view.

We settled in and I could hardly wait to explore. The pedestrian street was long and lined with the most ornate and beautiful buildings. I was in awe and was so excited to explore despite the mid-90 degree weather.

We found a spot for dinner at Bloff Bistro. We had fish dishes, salad, and deer goulash soup. The girls loved their fancy fruit lemonades and cold beers tasted especially good. We were full and happy.

We wandered a bit more, had some gelato and settled into our apartment for the evening.

Day 18 - Pecs Cathedral, Mosque, TV Tower, and Shopping

We started off our day at a cafe where we had coffees, pastries and fancy yogurt. DH and I spent just over $5 for our breakfast.

The lazy teenagers joined us a bit later and we toured the very interesting city mosque church. Its history started in the 13th century and the structure changed religions as the region was ruled by different people. There was a minaret and a bell tower which were both destroyed over the many years of tumultuous wars and occupations. The church is still used today and many recent people are still being buried in the church's crypt. So interesting!

Next we toured the Pecs Cathedral. It is definitely my favorite church of this trip so far. The colors and paintings inside were so detailed and vibrant. I can hardly imagine the many hours it would take to paint and maintain this gigantic church. I climbed to the top of one of the four towers right at noon when the bells were ringing. So loud and dramatic! We all enjoyed seeing the colorful crypt, beautiful altar, and enormous pipe organ with over 6,000 pipes. If only I could have heard it!

We decided to drive up the hill to an enormous TV tower with an elevator to the top. The tower was finished in 1973 and is the tallest structure in Hungary. The views at the top were impressive and high above the rolling hills and town below. The set-up seemed a little old and rickety but that added to the rustic experience.

You can see the TV tower in the distance.

We stopped at a Tesco for a few supplies. Tesco is kind of like European Walmart. I still get a kick out of shopping for unfamiliar brands and products.

The day was passing quickly and it was getting quite hot. I left the family to cool off while I checked out the pedestrian area, bought a few souvenirs, and found a massive mall that the kids would explore further later. Once my feet got tired, I summoned DH to please join me for a scenic beer. I even cooled off in the pretty fountain outside the theater.

The kids did a little shopping and met up at a delicious place for dinner. Fiacre Restaurant was delicious. We had salad, goulash, a creamy delicious chicken dish, a platter of meats, and four drinks all for $27. Amazing deal!

As usual, we are sad to move on from Pecs after such a short stay. Romania tomorrow!

Day 18 - University of Pecs and Timisoara, Romania

We started off our day with pastries and coffee, again. We were sad to check out of our nice apartment in Pecs but we had an important appointment. DD#1 was touring the University of Pecs Humanities Department. The tour was fantastic and we got a real feel for the program. She got some free college swag and the college thing started to feel real!

We got in the car for a relatively long drive to Timisoara, Romania. When we got to the border, we had to go through passport control because Romania is not part of the Schengen countries in Europe. The line of trucks waiting to cross the border both into Romania and back into Hungary was astonishingly long! Like miles long. Those poor truckers must have to wait hours!

The roads to Timisoara were mostly good. The last few miles were a little challenging with some aggressive drivers. The parking situation was a little confusing. But once we found our apartment for the night in the city center, it was worth it. This is what just over $50 will get you in Timisoara. Score! Another beautiful view.

DH and I wandered the streets of the old town while the girls found an upscale mall. We loved Bereta Brewing right in the center. Best craft beers we have had so far!


We met at a busy local place for dinner. We were hungry and accidentally ordered too much again! I had cabbage rolls while the rest of the family shared burgers. We were definitely full!

Romania was an hour ahead of the rest of Europe so we stayed up later than usual enjoying the busy town after it cooled off for the evening. We found gelato, some pretty buildings, and churches. Here are a few more pictures of our time in Timisoara. The town was off the tourist track and a little gritty, but in a good way. One more night here would have been perfect. More Romania to come!

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Lovely Ljubljana

Loads of biking, high temps, shopping, eating, and swimming in this very livable city


Day 14, continued - Arriving in Ljubljana

We had an easy drive to our apartment from Lake Bled. The apartment has so much character! It's in the top attic floor of a building and has exposed dark wood beams, a cute doorway, and much needed air conditioning. The washing machine was in English and easy to use. I ended up doing 4 loads of laundry during our three night stay. All caught up! This is what about $85 a night can get you in Ljubljana.

The best thing about Ljubljana is their easy to use bicycle share program. You pay one Euro to subscribe and can ride as many bikes as you want for FREE for a week, as long as they are returned within an hour. There are places to park the bikes all over the city and a bike stand right by our apartment. I have ridden over a dozen bikes during our stay. It's so easy and a fun and efficient way to see the city. The kids are especially appreciative after all the walking we have been doing.

We settled in and found a burger place for dinner. Kind of fun to have easy burgers and chicken sandwiches with fries for dinner. There are a ton of burger places in this town.

DD#2 and I rode bikes to the old town and walked around to get a glimpse of the city. So many beautiful buildings, bridges, and happy people enjoying this great town. We even did a little shopping this evening. We walked by one bar and a bunch of people were gathered around the big screen watching the World Athletic Championships - IN OUR HOMETOWN! So cool to see our town on TV in the middle of Ljubljana.

It was getting dark, so we rode our bikes back and were eager to explore the town tomorrow. So many bikes in this town!

Day 15 - Ljubljana Castle, the old town, and some breweries

DH and I started the day at a local coffee shop. His first cold brew of the trip. I drink hot coffee even when it is scorching outside. We grabbed pastries at Mlinar, one of our favorite bakery chains that we remembered from Croatia. DH and I headed up to explore the town's castle while the girls went shopping.

On the way, we walked past some pretty interesting vending machines. Fresh milk and eggs!

The castle was a mix of old and new. They created spaces for art within the castle and built modern walk-ways along the exposed castle walls. We hiked up all the stairs to the top of the castle tower for a nice view of the town. There were lots of stairs and areas to explore around the castle. It was well worth the sweaty trek up hill and entertained us for over an hour.

Lunch was at a local Slovenian place called Klobsarna. We had delicious sausages and horseradish and mustard along with a "sour" soup. All were specialties of the region and we polished it off easily. Yum!

A few pics around an artistic enclave just outside of the center. Such interesting street art!

It was getting very hot so the family biked home while I wandered around a bit more and popped into some shops here and there. I was getting hot and thirsty so I decided to get an Aperol Spritz on the rooftop of the Skyscraper building. It was only on the 12th floor but also had nice views of the town.

We regrouped and cooled off before heading out for a little brewery tour. Why not? It gave us an excuse to ride bikes through the nearby Tivoli Park and see a different part of the city. We started at Godec Pub which had a nice selection of local microbrews.

Then we moved on to my favorite stop, Tektonik Brewing. It was one of those perfect breweries. Nice atmosphere, cute logo, and delicious varieties of beer.

Lastly, we finished off at Ljubljana's most famous brewery, Union Pub. We had a giant meat and veggie plate for dinner.

The girls and I went out on the town to see what Ljubljana is like on a weekend night. The town is "bopping" is all I can say. (The girls are really irritated when I say bopping so I have to keep doing it!) Loads of people were out enjoying the beautiful downtown. We had gelato, watched people, and took more pictures. Such a fun day!

Day 16

We all slept very well after all the heat yesterday. Our AC is working hard and doing a great job in our little apartment. DH got up earliest and had a nice cool walk. DD#2 and I weren't far behind and biked to a cute coffee shop where I even bought a t-shirt. R&B Cafe is highly recommended!

We all met up around the Saturday produce market where we bought figs, peaches, and fresh yogurt drink. Everything was so fresh. However, the bees were really drawn to all the watermelon. Crazy!

We hopped on bikes yet again and went out to the suburbs where the girls and I enjoyed swimming at Atlantis Waterpark. It was a pretty low-key place with a lazy river, two slides, and more outdoor & indoor pools. We spend over two hours cooling off and enjoying the water.

The suburbs were also home to lots of air-conditioned shopping and gelato. We spent nearly 2 more hours enjoying delicious gelato at Cacao and shopping at Zara and Stradivarius. The kids love these European stores and found some great deals.

We had a challenging 40 minute bike ride back to the apartment in 100 degree heat. It was rough! We hydrated and regrouped. Phew!

DH and I went out for happy hour at Lajbah Craft Beer Bar. So many choices from all over Eastern Europe. We were so surprised to see a "Beervana" poster on the door from Portland, Oregon. So cool!

We met the kids for dinner at an Asian Fusion place. We were feeling done with meats and enjoyed a lighter dinner. We ended the night with more gelato, a night bike ride home, and showers after enduring this 100 degree beat. On to Hungary tomorrow!

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The Slovenian Countryside

A castle, a cave, a beach, and one famous lake!


Day 11

We visited the same Venice cafe once again for yummy croissants and coffee. After packing up our things, we backtracked and took the vaporetto and the bus back to our parking spot on the mainland. It was much cooler doing this in the morning and it all went as planned. The car was waiting for our next adventure.

We drove a short distance to a mall, of all things. Teenagers still seem to like these things so we made it a lunch stop as well. Both kids scored a new shirt or two. We actually ate lunch at IKEA. Ha! They had different things at Italian IKEA such as calamari, pasta, and beer and wine. Nothing too special but it did the trick. We grabbed a few groceries at a giant hyper market because we would have a kitchen again for the next two nights.

The next stop was the beautiful Predjama castle in a new country to us, Slovenia! This is the largest cave castle in the world. The audio tour was really interesting and we were able to climb around the many levels of the castle. You could easily see where the natural cave and the manmade castle joined together. A really unique place to visit!

Finally, we checked into EkoTurizem Hudicevec. This place was fabulous! There was a huge play area with trampolines, a soccer and volleyball area, lots of animals, and we had a giant 2 bedroom apartment. We enjoyed playing frisbee, some foosball, soccer, and went for a short hike in the hills.

We ate a delicious and very unique dinner at the restaurant on the property. I actually ordered horse and it was yummy! Felt a little weird eating horse but it ended up tasting a lot like beef. DH couldn't get himself to try it and I completely understand. It was a nice way to end our first day in Slovenia.

Day 12 - Skojan Caves and Koper Beach

DH and I started the day with breakfast at the property. We enjoyed lots of local ingredients. Breakfast time ended at 8:30 which is just too early for teenagers on most days.

We had two plans for the day. A cave and the beach! We had tickets to tour Skojan caves, one of the largest caves in the world. We didn't know much about the cave and were in for an amazing experience. The cave was massive! The tour involved hundreds of stairs. One part of the cave had the largest underground chamber in Europe. It was enormous! The stalagmites were were so old and incredible. Half of the cave was "dry" and the other half had a river running through it. At one point, we crossed an incredibly high bridge above the river below. The tour was interesting and we ended up hiking 3-4 miles. It wasn't cheap to tour the cave but totally worth it for this experience. Best cave we have ever seen! I wish we were able to take pictures.

After the cave, we drove another 20 minutes or so to the beach town of Koper. Kids were hungry so we found a Bosnian place for lunch. Yum!

We found the recommended beach easily and had a great time swimming and chilling out in our little spot of shade. It felt so great to swim in the Adriatic Sea again. It was a really relaxing afternoon despite being in the upper 90s.

We found gelato in the little town before heading to another grocery store for dinner supplies. We even bought a new soccer ball for DD#2 so she could practice a bit on the trip. I made easy pasta and salad for dinner and we enjoyed more games and sports at the farm. My poor body was still sore from my dramatic Venice fall so it felt good to have a slow and relaxing evening.

Day 13 - Triglav Gorge Hike and Radovljica

We ate an easy breakfast in our room and enjoyed a last slow morning on the farm. We had a short one hour drive to our next destination, Triglav Gorge near Lake Bled.

First we found a nearby pizza place for a hearty lunch. Delicious pizzas!

We paid 5 Euros to park and another 30 Euros to walk the famous Triglav Gorge. There were timed entries and loads of people waiting to see the rushing river. I had to laugh part way through the walk because it reminded me so much of the McKenzie River in Oregon. Oregon is such a beautiful part of the world. The hike ended up being close to 5 miles and it was hot. Still, we got some beautiful pictures and enjoyed the exercise.

We checked into our first and only hostel of the trip in Radovljica, just a few kilometers from Lake Bled. The hostel was more like a hotel and very comfortable. It had air conditioning which made us very happy!

DH and I wandered around the very small old town and had happy hour. We found a traditional Slovenian place for dinner. We tried a mixed meat plate, strukli (a cheesy pasta kind of thing), Greek salad and potato croquettes. Very filling!

We ended the evening with another walk around the little town. We could hear a live music concert from the small music school in the town. There were some amazing college-aged musicians performing. All and all, this was a relaxing day without a lot of action, except for our Oregon-esque hike.

Day 14 - Glorious Lake Bled!


Wow oh wow! Lake Bled exceeded expectations. We started with an intense hike with a solid 30 minutes of steep vertical climbing where we discovered this view.

It was about 10am and the heat was still bearable but we were still a sweaty bunch. We made it down the mountain and started walking along the stunning lake shore.

After a quick beverage break, we headed up again to our 5th luge ride of the trip! This luge had a single rickety track that was not nearly as stable as the German ones. We took a chair lift to the top, loaded ourselves into some old looking cars and zoomed down the mountain. It was so steep and jerky! I usually never apply the brakes but had to on this luge. Fun but a little scary!

Next we rewarded ourselves with dessert for lunch. First time on this trip! Lake Bled is known for inventing the kremsnita cream cake so we had to try it. I especially liked the gibanica cake with poppy seeds, apples, raisins, and walnuts. So yummy!

Cute photo op along the lake.

We walked back around the lake again, got more water to drink, and finally found a shady spot where we would hang out for the next 90 minutes or so. The water felt amazing and it was one of the best swims ever. DD#1 and I made it about halfway to the island in the middle.

Goofy kids enjoying a hot day.

Lake Bled was even more beautiful than all of the pictures I had admired for years. I'm so glad we saw it from so many angles and even from in the water at the end of a special day. On to Ljubljana!

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Venice - so much to say about Venice!

A beautiful yet eventful two nights in this one of a kind city


Day Nine - Travel from Dolomites to Venice

We packed up our things and began the 3+ hour drive through more of Italy's gorgeous mountains. At one point, we were stopped going through a narrow town because a bus coming the other way couldn't get through. It was entertaining and a little nerve-wracking having to back up and off to the side to create room for the giant bus. Everyone seemed calm and patient like this kind of thing happens all the time.

After most of the hairpin turns were over, we stopped for a quick coffee and cake break. I love how easy it is to find these kind of places in Italy!

Things finally flattened out for the last 45 minutes or so. We parked our car outside of Venice in a pre-arranged parking place for 5.50 Euros per night. Not bad. We trekked our things on a quick bus ride and then rode a hot and sweaty vaporetto for 45 minutes. Vaporettos are Venice's version of water buses. The ride was a little challenging with all our stuff, but we did it. Venice definitely takes more effort than most cities.

I found a great apartment for around $140 a night. A steal considering it had three bedrooms, a common area, and most importantly, FOUR air conditioning units. Yes! We were about 10-15 minutes from the busy action and loved being in a quieter area of the city.

Even came with antiques and interesting art.

We didn't have much time to relax because I had made free reservations for a 15 minute viewing of this incredible balcony view from a hoity-toity mall.

We walked around a bit more before getting hot and a little irritated. We found gelato and a bar for ciccheti (Venetian tapas) and drinks. We needed to sit and people watch at this point. We walked around a bit more before heading back to get cold drinks for our room. And yes, we let the 17.5 year old order a spritz!

The family was worn out so I headed out and found some take-out pizza for dinner. DH and I went out for a night walk and couldn't believe the partying and masses of people. I knew Venice was busy but this seemed extreme. It turns out that we were in Venice for Festa Del Redentore. This is one of Venice's most famous events with fireworks, parties, and more. The craziest thing we saw was a man walking down a dead end street that ended in the canal. He was so involved in his phone conversation that he walked straight into the canal fully clothed! We were the only ones around so I tried to help him out. He was fine and seemed pretty embarrassed. His phone managed to stay on land. Not quite the same for tomorrow's story (foreshadowing). At 11:30pm the fireworks started and it was so loud!

Day 10 - A Very Tough Start

I was excited to wake up at 6:45am without any alarm. I knew it must be fate telling me to go for a run before Venice was mobbed with people. Everything started out fine. Sunny, not hot, and I was stopping to take pictures here and there. After 1.5 miles or so, I stepped onto a little gondola dock for a beautiful picture. My feet slipped on some wet algae and I fell hard on my butt and back. AND I DROPPED MY PHONE INTO THE CANAL. One of the saddest moments ever. I watched it sink into the murky deep water below. I think I screamed and swore. Such an awful feeling. I know it's just a thing, but a phone on vacation has proven to be the most valuable tool imaginable. I cried and got up and then had my second worry. How to get back? I had no idea where I was. Venice is a maze. Literally. I asked a few people for directions but mostly just cried and ran all the way back. I have decent navigational skills. I came back and woke everyone with my terrible news.

Once I finally calmed down and took a shower, I realized that I was actually hurt. I had the biggest bruise on my bum that I have ever seen. It was just getting started too! By evening, the colors were magnificent. My knee was scraped, my back hurt, and I had moss all over my legs and arms. What a mess! Luckily, I felt fine and found it lucky that I wasn't like the guy from the night before who fell all the way into the disgusting canal water. But then again, he still had his phone. On second thought, I'd trade places with that guy. I already miss my phone.

After DH assured me all would be OK (thank you iCloud) we went on with our day. But I was definitely shook up and sad. DD#2 deserves special credit for the extra hugs and encouragement. I will get another iPhone when we get home and will appreciate my macbook and the other three phones in our family in the meantime. It will probably be good for me to take a break from my phone. Not that I have any choice.

We made it out for coffee and croissants at the corner cafe just outside our front door. I was shocked that three pastries and two espresso drinks was 7.40 Euros. If you get off the beaten path, Venice isn't quite so expensive.

We wandered through the touristy parts of Venice to show the kids San Marco Square and the Rialto bridge up close. So many people! We found a recommended spot for lunch and decided to splurge a bit. This would be our bigger meal of the day. The seafood spaghetti was the favorite. The total came to 58 Euros for our fancy-ish lunch. Here comes a small portion of our Venice pictures!

DD#2 and I stayed stayed out a big longer to do a little shopping. I found a couple of pretty scarves and DD#2 scored some pretty Murano glass jewelry.

We took a little break in the room to regroup and cool off. Venice is tiring.

We finally regrouped and decided to avoid the masses and tour the "tail" side of fish-shaped Venice. The middle part was just too busy for us. We found more gelato, a place for drinks and cichetti (for dinner) and decided to take another vaporetto ride on the canal. We lucked out and got the front seat for a sunset tour of the canal. A perfect way to end a challenging day.

Venice is beautiful and unique but after three visits (I am spoiled!), I do believe this is my last. Thank you for the memories, Venezia! And enjoy my iPhone, if some scuba diver ever finds it. Grrrrr....

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