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Venice - so much to say about Venice!

A beautiful yet eventful two nights in this one of a kind city


Day Nine - Travel from Dolomites to Venice

We packed up our things and began the 3+ hour drive through more of Italy's gorgeous mountains. At one point, we were stopped going through a narrow town because a bus coming the other way couldn't get through. It was entertaining and a little nerve-wracking having to back up and off to the side to create room for the giant bus. Everyone seemed calm and patient like this kind of thing happens all the time.

After most of the hairpin turns were over, we stopped for a quick coffee and cake break. I love how easy it is to find these kind of places in Italy!

Things finally flattened out for the last 45 minutes or so. We parked our car outside of Venice in a pre-arranged parking place for 5.50 Euros per night. Not bad. We trekked our things on a quick bus ride and then rode a hot and sweaty vaporetto for 45 minutes. Vaporettos are Venice's version of water buses. The ride was a little challenging with all our stuff, but we did it. Venice definitely takes more effort than most cities.

I found a great apartment for around $140 a night. A steal considering it had three bedrooms, a common area, and most importantly, FOUR air conditioning units. Yes! We were about 10-15 minutes from the busy action and loved being in a quieter area of the city.

Even came with antiques and interesting art.

We didn't have much time to relax because I had made free reservations for a 15 minute viewing of this incredible balcony view from a hoity-toity mall.

We walked around a bit more before getting hot and a little irritated. We found gelato and a bar for ciccheti (Venetian tapas) and drinks. We needed to sit and people watch at this point. We walked around a bit more before heading back to get cold drinks for our room. And yes, we let the 17.5 year old order a spritz!

The family was worn out so I headed out and found some take-out pizza for dinner. DH and I went out for a night walk and couldn't believe the partying and masses of people. I knew Venice was busy but this seemed extreme. It turns out that we were in Venice for Festa Del Redentore. This is one of Venice's most famous events with fireworks, parties, and more. The craziest thing we saw was a man walking down a dead end street that ended in the canal. He was so involved in his phone conversation that he walked straight into the canal fully clothed! We were the only ones around so I tried to help him out. He was fine and seemed pretty embarrassed. His phone managed to stay on land. Not quite the same for tomorrow's story (foreshadowing). At 11:30pm the fireworks started and it was so loud!

Day 10 - A Very Tough Start

I was excited to wake up at 6:45am without any alarm. I knew it must be fate telling me to go for a run before Venice was mobbed with people. Everything started out fine. Sunny, not hot, and I was stopping to take pictures here and there. After 1.5 miles or so, I stepped onto a little gondola dock for a beautiful picture. My feet slipped on some wet algae and I fell hard on my butt and back. AND I DROPPED MY PHONE INTO THE CANAL. One of the saddest moments ever. I watched it sink into the murky deep water below. I think I screamed and swore. Such an awful feeling. I know it's just a thing, but a phone on vacation has proven to be the most valuable tool imaginable. I cried and got up and then had my second worry. How to get back? I had no idea where I was. Venice is a maze. Literally. I asked a few people for directions but mostly just cried and ran all the way back. I have decent navigational skills. I came back and woke everyone with my terrible news.

Once I finally calmed down and took a shower, I realized that I was actually hurt. I had the biggest bruise on my bum that I have ever seen. It was just getting started too! By evening, the colors were magnificent. My knee was scraped, my back hurt, and I had moss all over my legs and arms. What a mess! Luckily, I felt fine and found it lucky that I wasn't like the guy from the night before who fell all the way into the disgusting canal water. But then again, he still had his phone. On second thought, I'd trade places with that guy. I already miss my phone.

After DH assured me all would be OK (thank you iCloud) we went on with our day. But I was definitely shook up and sad. DD#2 deserves special credit for the extra hugs and encouragement. I will get another iPhone when we get home and will appreciate my macbook and the other three phones in our family in the meantime. It will probably be good for me to take a break from my phone. Not that I have any choice.

We made it out for coffee and croissants at the corner cafe just outside our front door. I was shocked that three pastries and two espresso drinks was 7.40 Euros. If you get off the beaten path, Venice isn't quite so expensive.

We wandered through the touristy parts of Venice to show the kids San Marco Square and the Rialto bridge up close. So many people! We found a recommended spot for lunch and decided to splurge a bit. This would be our bigger meal of the day. The seafood spaghetti was the favorite. The total came to 58 Euros for our fancy-ish lunch. Here comes a small portion of our Venice pictures!

DD#2 and I stayed stayed out a big longer to do a little shopping. I found a couple of pretty scarves and DD#2 scored some pretty Murano glass jewelry.

We took a little break in the room to regroup and cool off. Venice is tiring.

We finally regrouped and decided to avoid the masses and tour the "tail" side of fish-shaped Venice. The middle part was just too busy for us. We found more gelato, a place for drinks and cichetti (for dinner) and decided to take another vaporetto ride on the canal. We lucked out and got the front seat for a sunset tour of the canal. A perfect way to end a challenging day.

Venice is beautiful and unique but after three visits (I am spoiled!), I do believe this is my last. Thank you for the memories, Venezia! And enjoy my iPhone, if some scuba diver ever finds it. Grrrrr....

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